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Sources and References

Sources and References


David Baldwin, Elizabeth Woodville, Mother of the Princes in the Tower

David Baldwin, Stoke Field: The Last Battle of the Wars of the Roses

Christine Carpenter, The Wars of the Roses:  The Politics and the Constitution of England 1437-1509

Anthony Cheetham, Richard III, favorable biography

S.D. Chrimes, Henry VII, a biography

Mary Clive, This Sun of York, a biography of Edward IV

The Second Continuation of the Croyland Chronicles: A contemporary source, written in April 1486

Dr. Anthony Corbet, Edward IV, England’s Forgotten Warrior King: his life, his people, and his legacy, a thorough and sympathetic account, an extensive refutation of the alleged marriage precontract

Thomas Costain, The Last Plantagenets, from Richard II to Richard III, very favorable to Richard III

Julia Dobson, Children of the Tower

Gila Falkus, Edward IV

James Gairdner, History of the Life and Reign of Richard the Third, (1898), traditionalist

Louise Gill, Richard III and Buckingham’s Rebellion

Grants of King Edward the Fifth, Camden Society

Franklin Hamilton, Challenge for a Throne

Alison Hanham, Richard III and his Early Historians

Nancy Lenz Harvey, Elizabeth of York

Michael Hicks, Edward V, the Prince in the Tower

Michael Hicks, Richard III

Rosemary Horrox, Richard III: A Study in Service, royal servants and their influence on his reign

Elizabeth Jenkins, The Princes in the Tower

Dan Jones, Within the Hollow Crown, a well-balanced account of the “Wars of the Roses”

Paul Murray Kendall, Richard III, favorable biography

Paul Murray Kendall, The Yorkist Age, unique social history

Francis Leary, The Golden Longing, features Joan of Arc, Margaret of Anjou, and Richard III

Clement Markham, Richard III, (1906) very favorable biography

Dominic Mancini, The Usurpation of Richard III, a contemporary source, written in December 1483

A. J. Pollard, Richard III and the Princes in the Tower

Charles Ross, Richard III, well-balanced

Charles Ross, Edward IV

Cora Scofield, The Life and Reign of Edward IV, (1924), extraordinary in its detail

Giles St. Aubyn, 1483: The Year of Three Kings

Desmond Seward, Richard III: The Black Legend

Alison Weir, The Princes in the Tower

Alison Weir, The Wars of the Roses

General Reference

Mike Ashley, British Kings and Queens

Winston Churchill, The Birth of Britain

John Harvey, The Plantagenets

The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy, edited by Cannon and Griffiths


Margaret Campbell Barnes, The King’s Bed, the story of Richard III’s illegitimate son and his sweetheart

Margaret Campbell Barnes, Tudor Rose, the story of Elizabeth of York

K. W. Eyre, The Song of a Thrush, the story of Margaret, daughter of George of Clarence

Alice Harwood, Merchant of the Ruby, a story of Perkin Warbeck and the Princes in the Tower

Susan Higginbotham, The Stolen Crown, a story about Katherine Woodville and Henry, Duke of Buckingham

Pamela Jean Horter, Brief Candles, a story about Edward V

Rosemary Jarman, The King’s Grey Mare, a story of Elizabeth Woodville by a Ricardian writer

Rosemary Jarman, We Speak No Treason, a story of Richard III by a Ricardian writer

Francis Leary, Fire and Morning, a story about Richard III and his relationship with Elizabeth of York

Gladys Malvern, The Queen’s Lady, a story about Anne Neville with a Shakespearean Richard III

Marian Palmer, The White Boar, a story of Richard III from a writer with Kendall’s perspective

Marian Palmer, The Wrong Plantagenet, a story about Perkin Warbeck, sequel to her previous work

Josephine Tey, Daughter of Time, a story rehabilitating Richard III’s reputation, a la Clement Markham

Marguarite Vance, A Song for a Lute, a love story about Richard III and Anne Neville

Jan Wescott, The Hepburn, a story about Perkin Warbeck from a Scottish perspective

Jan Wescott, The White Rose, a story about Elizabeth Woodville that is highly sympathetic

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