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The Victims of Richard III

Richard III

The following is a list of people whom Richard executed or had assassinated from the time of his brother Edward IV’s death on April 9, 1483 until the eve of his death on Bosworth field on August 22, 1485.

June 13, 1483, at the Tower of London

William, Lord Hastings (best friend of Edward IV and his Chamberlain)

June 25, 1483, at Pontefract Castle

Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers (brother of Queen Elizabeth Woodville)

Richard, Lord Grey (son of Queen Elizabeth Woodville)

Sir Thomas Vaughan (Chamberlain of Edward V while Prince of Wales)

Richard Haute (cousin of Queen Elizabeth Woodville)

Suffered as a consequence of the failed July 1483 Conspiracy:

John Smith, a groom of stirrup under Edward IV

Stephen Ireland, a wardrober in the Tower

Robert Rushe, sergeant of London

William Davy, pardoner of Houndslow

Assassinated in the Tower of London

Edward V

Richard, Duke of York

Suffered as a consequence of the failed October 1483 Rebellion

November 2, 1483, at Salisbury

Henry Stafford , the Duke of Buckingham

November 13, 1483; at Exeter

Thomas St. Leger (brother-in-law of Edward IV and Richard III)

Thomas Rameney, “and another” (as recorded in the Chronicles of London)

November 25, 1483

Richard Fiennes, Lord Dacre of the South

December 4, 1483, in London

George Brown, knight of the body to Edward IV

William Clifford, and four of the following yeomen of the Crown: William Knight, Richard Cruse, William Frost, Richard Potter, Richard Fisher, John Boutayne, Roger Kelsale, and William Strode

Suffered for conspiracy to aid Henry Tudor’s invasion:

October 1484

William Collynbourne

Roger Clifford

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