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Three Year Old Edward Visits Coventry

Coventry before World War II

Coventry Corporation Leet Book:

Memorandum:  That the 28th day of the Month of April came our lord Edward out of Wales so by Warwick to Coventry, and the mayor and his brethren with the diverse of Commonality of the said City, clothed in green and blue, meeting our said Lord Prince upon horseback beyond the New Cross in a chair, being of age of iii year…there welcoming him to his chamber and giving to him there a C mark in a gilt cup of XV ounces, with a kerchief of Pleasance upon the said cup.  And then, coming into the city, and at Broadgate, there ordained a station, therein being King Richard and xiii others, arrayed like as Dukes, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons and lords, with minstrelsy of the Wayts of the City, and King Richard there having this speech here following:

Rex Ricardus Primus (Richard I):

“Welcome full high and noble prince to us right special,

To this your chamber, so called of Antiquity;

The presence of your noble person rejoices our hearts all;

We all must bless the time of your Nativity,

The right line of the Royal blood is now as it should be;

Wherefore God of his goodness preserve you in bodily health,

To us and your tenants here perpetual joy, and to all the land Wealth.”

Also, at the Conduit a-fore Richard Braytoft the Elder, another station with iii patriarchs there standing upon the said Conduit, with Jacob’s xii sons, with minstrelsy of harps and dulcimers, and there running wine in one place, and there one of the said Patriarchs having this speech under written:


The Patriarch:

“O God, most glorious grounder and guilder of all grace,

To us iii Patriarch thou promised, as scripture makes rehearsal,

That of our stock lineally should proceed and pass

A prince of most noble blood and king’s son imperial,

The which was fulfilled in God and now refer it we shall

Unto this noble prince that is here present

Which enters to this his Chamber, as prince full reverent.”

Also at the Broadgate a Pageant, and Saint Edward being therein with x estates with him and minstrelsy of harp and lute, and King Edward having this speech next following:

King Edward the Confessor:

“Noble Prince Edward, my Cousin and my knight,

And very prince of our line come in descent,

I, Saint Edward, have pursued for your father’s Imperial right,

Whereof he was excluded by full furious Intent

Unto this your Chamber as Prince full excellent;

Ye be right welcome, thanked be Christ of his gift,

For that that was ours is now in your father’s hand.”

Also at the Cross in the Croschepyng were iii prophets standing at the Cross Seynsyng, and upon the Cross above were Children of Israel singing and casting out white opals and flowers and iii pipes running wine.  Also in the Croschepyng a-for the Pauer a Pageant, and iii kings of Cologne therein, with other diverse arrayed, and ii knights armed with minstrelsy of small pipes and on of the Kings having his speech under written:


A King of Cologne:

“O splendid creator in all our speculation,

More brighter than Phoebus, exceeding all light,

We three kings beseech thee with meek meditation

Specially to preserve this noble prince, your knight,

Which by Influence of thy grace proceeds a-right

Of one of us three lineally we find,

His noble Mother, queen Elizabeth, is come of that kind.”

Also, upon the Conduit in the Croshepyng was Saint George armed, and a king’s daughter kneeling a-fore him with a lamb, and the father and mother being in a tower above beholding Saint George saving the daughter from the dragon, and the Conduit running wine in iii places, and minstrelsy of Organ playing, and Saint George having this speech under written:

Saint George:

“O mighty god our all succor celestial,,

With this Realm hast given to dower,

To the mother and to me George, protection perpetual,

It to defend from Enemies far and near,

And as this maiden defended was here

By thy grace from this Dragon devour,

So lord preserve this noble prince and ever be his succor.”

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